Prydz dropping a new ”Pryda – ID” @ The Arches, Glasgow


4 Responses to “Prydz dropping a new ”Pryda – ID” @ The Arches, Glasgow”

  1. 1 Oskar B


    Gammal men rätt nice mix ”Day N Nite vs. Let It Go”. 🙂

  2. 2 Oskar

    Skönt inlägg!

    #1 – Ge dig.

  3. 3 jesperc

    Prydz måste fan droppa sitt album väldigt snart hoppas jag! Får hoppas denna bomb är med och inte bara är en ”dj tool” som kmr att användas på olika spelningar….

    Borde hans hemsida öppnas snart också? (

    • 4 Per

      Postat på SHM-forumet den 5e november:

      ”ok guys, thought id give you all a quick update on the site. We had another big meeting yesterday at Prydz HQ with Eric, the production guys, and the management, and we have identified a few glitches which are being ironed out today and tomorrow, after which we should be ready to go.

      As for people having problems with logging on, i spoken with developers / programmers and they have assured me there will be no problems for anyone once the site is launched.

      Thank you all for your patience, the final adjustments and changes we are making are to make it even more user friendly.

      I will be back in touch and you guys as soon as i have some more info (later today or tomorrow) and i’ll make sure you will all be the first to know the exact moment of launch.”

      och idag: ”hi all, its really frustrating at the moment as we are still waiting on the developers to finish off some coding, but ive been told it should be finished today. Once the coding is finished its down to me to test everything again, and then once thats done we will launch.

      once again thanks for your patience, its as frustrating for us as it is for you as we are at the mercy of others!

      im really hoping you’ll think it was worth the wait”


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