Interview: John Dahlback short Q&A with Ministry of Sound


Found this interview with one of our great swedish producers who has been
working in the shade a little after his big breakthrough a few years ago. His name
is John Dahlbäck and ”Ministry Of Sound” made this interview because of his
upcoming gig tomorrow at Ministry of Sound, other DJ’s who will also play are
for example Chris Lake and special guest, Laidback Luke – tickets are available now
Stay Tuned for more interviews at House4Sure!

Tell us a bit about Pickadoll Records…
I started Pickadoll Records at the age of around 18 or 19 and had it as my
home-label, where I could release most of my music. This year, Pickadoll will
stop and instead I have started a new label called Mutants. Basically it will
have the same vibe as Pickadoll but with a new name, logo and everything. It
feels like a fresh start to me.

Upcoming releases?
I have signed only a couple of tracks for Mutants so far, just because it’s
so brand new but we have Henrik B and Albin Myers releases coming, so
prepare for that. Otherwise for me, Defected is releasing my artist album
later in the year with a couple of singles before that. The next one is
called Bingo.

Artists on the label?
I’ve had Sebastien Leger, Robbie Rivera, Dada Life, Style of Eye, Zoo Brazil
among others on Pickadoll, hopefully some of them will return for Mutants.

Two words to describe your sound?
Groovy and crossover

Favourite club?
My studio. Small and only for me but amazing sound system.

My father’s band Fläsket Brinner and my cousin Jesper Dahlbäck.

There are too many producers, DJs and labels out there, so try your best with
being original.

Highs of being a DJ?
Seeing the reaction from the audience when I’m playing my own music.

Lows of being a DJ?

Best career move?
Releasing Blink.

Films or books?
Films. I only read Twitter updates…

Upcoming tours?
I am playing America lots of times this year, and maybe also South America.

Other DJ’s/artists?
Style of Eye and Avicii have got my attention.

One regret?
I have never regretted anything in my life.

Thoughts on biscuits?
Addict. Always take too many.

Last and final word on why we should hear you play?
If you want to hear amazing music and dance your ass off, come to hear me out.


John Dahlback – Bingo



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