Get Down Girl


The 22-year old Robbert van der Corput, residing under the Hardwell moniker for almost a decade already, is ready for the next step in his already impressive musical career. By setting up his own label, Revealed Recordings, he continues to follow the successful path he’s already started to create. The youngster has had several releases on labels like Rising Music, Spinnin’ and Cr2, of which his ‘Feel So High’, ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Display’ were supported by all the big jocks.

The first release of Revealed Recordings, that’ll be out March 29th, is a new collaboration of Hardwell and Funkadelic, ‘Get Down Girl’. The pack includes a remix by upcoming Dutch talent Nicky Romero, who’s currently rocking the charts with his remake of ‘Groove Armada – My Friend’. Next to Hardwell’s own tracks and collaborations, Revealed Recordings will also release tracks that fit the versatile sound of the label, whether that be house, tech-house, techno or minimal. 

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7 Responses to “Get Down Girl”

  1. 1 ian

    låten var bra bortsett från de otroligt trötta och dåliga vocalsen, de förstörde låten

  2. 2 Axwell - Nothing but lvoe for you

    Axwells new track.

    • 3 hej

      en sämre loop säger inte mycket

      • 4 jesperc

        Är denna inte bara direkt loopad från Axwells WMC teaser?

        Axwell – Miami Winter Music Conference 2010 -Teaser

    • 5 asd

      gillar den versionen han körde för 1,5 år sen eller va det var.

      och ja, den är loopad.

  3. 6 Alaa

    Get Down Girl är ritkigt najs 😀

  4. 7 fettan

    keffa jhävla vocals förstörde allt, annars var den tung


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