FREE DOWNLOAD: Adrien Mezsi – Take My Love (Adrien Mezsi Vocal Bootleg)


Got this lovely track sent by email and I really wanted to share it with you
guys!  The track was originally without vocals but with voice of Red Carpet –
Alright it gets even better! 😀 Listen to the build up @ 2.40 and make it loud!

Adrien Mezsi – Take My Love (Adrien Mezsi Vocal Bootleg)

Sorry for the inconvenience with the download link…it’s fixed now anyway!



9 Responses to “FREE DOWNLOAD: Adrien Mezsi – Take My Love (Adrien Mezsi Vocal Bootleg)”

  1. 1 Niclas


  2. 2 asd

    Funkar inte att ladda ner?

  3. 3 JL

    Oops, looks like we can’t find that page!

  4. 4 Biffen

    Går ej att ladda ner 😦

  5. 5 Edin Hadzic

    den funkar, men går inte ladda ner då 100/100 redan laddat ner den.

  6. 6 Jesperc

    Fixar när jag kommer hem

  7. 7 t0ny3


  8. The links is updated! sorry for the inconvenience!

  9. 9 t0ny3

    thanx man!:)


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