Win Tickets to ”Deadmau5” 12th of may @ Berns, Stockholm


Music producer and artist Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) is finally back in
Stockholm May 12 He will perform an exclusive gig at one of Stockholm’s
most famous nightclub, Berns Salonger in cooperation with Bigstage.

Deadmau5 began to create electronic beats three years ago. Ever since then he
has earned his status as a musical phenomenon by releasing tracks like
”Faxing Berlin”, which had a huge impact on the electronic music scene around
the world. He has worked with world-renowned artists including Christina Aguilera,
where he remixed one of her songs ”Hurt” by Deadmau5 Steve Duda employees. 
Deadmau5 became the artist who sold the largest number of tracks on Beatport
in 2009. Deadmau5 is very successful in his management of the brand Deadmau5,
where he, for example, has developed an iPhone application called ”Touch Mix”,
which means you can mix together tracks on your cell phone. He is also known
to wear an artificial mouse head as a mask on his head. For the event in
Stockholm, He will bring  three trucks full loaded with speakers, LED screens,
laser lights, special lighting, etc.

Take your chance and win tickets for the Deadmau5
event @ Berns on



7 Responses to “Win Tickets to ”Deadmau5” 12th of may @ Berns, Stockholm”

  1. 1 VE

    Fett nice! Någon som har en aning om ID på remixen?

  2. 2 Kristoffer

    låter som en mix på Ghosts n stuff!

    kommer bli underbart på berns!

  3. 3 Majk

    ja ghost n stuff

    vi ses på VEGA:)

  4. 4 sadkasd

    det är ghost n stuff (hard intro) 🙂 ett alternativt intro till låten han brukar lira live 🙂

  5. 5 ste

    vad kostar inträdet annars?

  6. 6 Sordiano


  7. 7 few

    Hmm det ar iof inte alls hard intro versionen?


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