Upcoming track: D.O.N.S feat. Jerique – Groove On (Alaa Remix)


This is a new upcoming track from Alaa. It’s a remix of D.O.N.S new track ”Groove On” with Jerique on the vocals. Alaa has tested a new style of sound and it sounds pretty good acutally. I dont know when this one will be released but soon I think on Kontor Records (D.O.N.S label). Stay tuned and drop a comment with your thoughts about the track. 

D.O.N.S. feat. Jerique – Groove On (Alaa Remix) – Preview by Alaa



2 Responses to “Upcoming track: D.O.N.S feat. Jerique – Groove On (Alaa Remix)”

  1. 1 Alaa

    Thx Jesper… I think it’s actually Kingdom Come Cuts for this one, not sure though 🙂

  2. 2 William Rich

    Låter bra:), typ en chillar låt.


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