Upcoming album from John Dahlback called ”Mutants”


The first release on this new label is an album of the same name. Mutants is a collection of Johns biggest and most personal moments in his career so far, showcasing his unique sound and style and incorporating pure house through to electro, techno and progressive. From the head pounding electro fests of Blink and Everywhere (both of which have received millions of YouTube views) through the building, progressive nature of Hustle Up to his absurdly hooky latest single Bingo, its a carefully considered, meticulously polished album of unparalleled finesse. Hustle Up, Blink and Everywhere have been my biggest tracks in my career. Each of them has meant a lot to my personal style of productions. With the release of this album and more projects in the pipeline John Dahlback is set to become one of dance musics brightest talents.

Release date: 10-05-2010


Disc 1 (Unmixed)

  1. John Dahlback – Borderline
  2. John Dahlback – Hustle Up
  3. Kaliber Feat. Elodie – Is This For Love
  4. John Dahlback – Don’t Speak
  5. John Dahlback & Sebastian Ingrosso – Lick My Deck
  6. Huggotron – Gasoline
  7. John Dahlback Feat. Andy P – Love Inside (Dub)
  8. John Dahlback – If You Give Me
  9. John Dahlback Feat. Erika Gellermark – Nothing Is For Real (Mark Knight Remix)
  10. John Dahlback – Autumn
  11. John Dahlback Feat. Andy P – Everywhere
  12. John Dahlback – Blink
  13. John Dahlback Feat. Elodie – Bingo
  14. John Dahlback – Pyramid (Dirty South Remix)
  15. Francesco Diaz – Human Animal (John Dahlback Remix)
  16. John Dahlback Feat. Basto – Out There

 Disc 2 (Mixed)

  1. Full Length John Dahlback Dj Mix

Listen to the promo mix below!



10 Responses to “Upcoming album from John Dahlback called ”Mutants””

  1. 1 vekken

    Release date?

  2. 2 Nick Royale

    Så jääävla bra, electro house!

  3. 3 Oskar

    Release 10:e maj!

    Riktigt jävla bra house. Men vad hände med Snabba Cash-låten Flirt? Hörde att den skulle vara med på hans kommande platta…

  4. 5 Mathias

    Release date: 03.05.2010


  5. 6 erik

    haha, hela detta mutants conceptet påminner mig sjuuuukt mycke om joachim garrauds Invasion 2008!

  6. 7 DB

    The Snabba Cash Film, released in January 2010, featured a new song from Terri & John Dahlback, called Flirt and will appear on his next long play

  7. 8 grant

    Did you know he also writes music under an alias ‘Huggotron’ or ‘Kaliber’. He’s also setup his own label with his cousin, they are ‘Dahlbäck & Dahlbäck’ from ‘Dahlbäck Records’.


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