House4Sure is changing to Beat My Day!


Dear Readers! 
The time has come for us to develop our business and take it to the next level. We have now opened a new site called: which will have the same concept as the current House4Sure, and we will soon develop the site even further with a forum and other exciting things on the new site. This also means that this is the end of the House4Sure era but we do now recommend you to go and visit Beat My Day instead to read about the the latest news in the world of house music! We have also made a brand new fan page here on Facebook where you’ll be constantly updated, except for the fan page we’ve also created a twitter, a soundcloud and a new youtube channel! You can find a link to all of the above on the new site. We are looking forward to see you active on the new site and don’t hesitate giving us some us some feedback on the new site. Is there something we’ve missed or something you dislike, just send us an email to!


/Beat My Day


31 Responses to “House4Sure is changing to Beat My Day!”

  1. 1 Biffen

    Funkar ju inte 😦

  2. 3 blowup

    Site looks great, keep up the good work guys!


  3. 4 Eric

    underbart arbete med den nya sidan!

  4. 5 password?

    password och användarnamn för nya sidan??? :S

  5. 6 Tungsida

    Keep it up guys! btw, en bra sida där man kan tanka house

  6. 8 Max Enforte

    It’s not working !!!!!

  7. 9 Nice

    Grymt jobbat killar.

    Btw sjukt bra sida för att tanka housemusik

  8. 10 erik

    saknar er

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  10. 13 house

    I like a content. becoress very nice.

  11. 14 bb

    I like house music,Thank you for this site.

  12. House Music it’s fantastic

  13. What a great post I have found some good information in yours post keep posting .Thanks

  14. Mira este blog de musica 🙂 Muchisimas gracias 🙂

  15. Very nice stuff. Thank U.

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