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Here is Nellie Recordings new podcast include some unreleased stuff. Check out track number 14. It’s my and Pierce’s new remix and I will be released soon on ”Fever Sound Records”. Our remix got some nice support so far from example, DONS, Tristan Garner, Mikael Weermets, Sebjak and many more. Stay tuned for more info! DOWNLOAD LINK SUBSCRIBE […]

What a great week with new fresh releases for example Swedish House Mafia, Eric Prydz and from these guys called ”Something Good”. We earlier made a post about this coming release and finally it’s OUT! It’s a new release from the swedish label ”Nellie Recording”. Support these guys! Something Good EP (Solence, 1:28 Am & Cielo) [BP link] […]

This is a promotional video of the upcoming EP ”Solence / 1:28 AM / Cielo” by the finnish duo Otto Yliperttula and Karolus Viitala. This EP will be out on Nellie Recording and will be out exclusively on Beatport on April 30th. /Jesper

Got this a great podcast and preview by Kristoffer Ljungberg @ Nellie Recordings. The podcast is a mix of a lot of not so wellknown tracks and artists. Still it’s a great podcast and full support to the guys at Nellie. The preview is also from Nellie Recordings, made by the finnish duo: ”Something Good” This track will […]

New great release from our friends Alaa and Kristoffer Ljungberg! The realease is actually an EP containing 2 tracks: Soleil and Lune. The tracks have got great response from many big DJ’s like: Peter Gelderblom, David Amo & Julio Navas and Ashley Wallbridge! Support this great release by purchasing it at beatport. Enjoooy! […]